Microsoft Office College Students

Microsoft Office College Students will provide you information extremely useful to those of you attending college, parents, and family might want to read this as well.

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Microsoft cares about education, learn what discounts are available that will benefit students. That is what this guide is all about, now let us get started learning about what is waiting for you.

microsoft office college students

Microsoft Office 365

How many of you would love to have access to Microsoft Office for your studies, all we have to do is verify your college or university to be eligible for this amazing opportunity. Ready to learn how this works, just keep reading below. This is a deal every student should consider, now let us tell you more.

  • Create a Microsoft account or sign in to your existing account with your email address and password.
  • Provide your student information for verification.
  • Enter or update your payment information and finish checking out.
  • Install Office apps on your devices, sync your data to OneDrive, and start using Microsoft 365 Personal.
  • Can you afford $2.99 per month?
  • Visit Microsoft to Learn More

Now you have access to this amazing discount for college students, if you know anyone who can benefit from this please share this resource with them. Maybe you are not quite ready to go for this, but here is even more information to help you make the decision.

microsoft office college students

Microsoft Office 365 Benefits

The majority of students are already familiar with this software, possibly you are a parent or grandparent unfamiliar with this software. Below are a few benefits of taking advantage of this opportunity, with more information you can make a better decision.

  • Save and access files, photographs, and videos
  • One TB of Cloud Storage
  • Work on assignments with other students
  • Manage your schedule more effectively
  • Create and connect with professors

Impressing benefits to ease the stress of your favorite college student, easily share and work with other students. Be more productive and receive higher grades, one software every student should have at a budget-friendly price. Talk about free shopping tips, this one is at the top of the list.

microsoft office college students

Common Questions Asked

Before we get into even more awesome resources, here are some answers to questions that people most often ask. Feel free to leave any comments at the end of this article, maybe you are using this software and would like to share how it has helped you.

Which Microsoft 365 plan is included?

This offer is a student discount for Microsoft 365 Personal. It includes premium Office apps like Word, 1 TB of cloud storage, and advanced security for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android

Are you eligible for the student discount?

You’re eligible for the student discount if you’re currently enrolled at a Title IV accredited US college or university.

What verification methods are accepted

Verify your student status by providing a school email account, enrollment details, school account, International Student Identity Card, verification code, or documentation such as dated student ID, current progress report, dated class schedule, or acceptance letter.

What will you be charged and when

You’ll pay the same amount as your first month every following month. If the price changes in the future, we’ll notify you first. You can cancel anytime to stop future charges.

What about after you graduate

This is a special price for college students who have verified their student status within the last year. We will remind you to re-verify your eligibility and extend your discount. If you are no longer eligible, your price will increase to the then-current full monthly price.

Terms and conditions

  • Must be enrolled at a Title IV accredited college or university in the United States and have your enrollment verified here. A payment instrument is required to sign up, and you’ll be charged each month until you cancel. The student status must be reverified every 12 months to maintain discounted pricing. If you are no longer eligible or do not reverify your student status, the price will increase to the then-current full monthly price. Student pricing may be discontinued or changed at any time. You will be notified prior to any price changes.
  • You can cancel online by visiting the Microsoft Account site. Sign in with the Microsoft account that you used to buy your subscription, and then turn off recurring billing. Then your subscription will automatically expire when your remaining subscription time is up. For details, see “How to cancel your Microsoft subscription” at the Microsoft Support site.

Gizmo goes out of his way to provide you with as much information to help you make the best decisions, every student should have this software when attending a college or university. With the student discount, everyone can have access to this opportunity. Such a small investment for your education, now we are going to move on to some more discounts available.

microsoft office college students

NBC News Recommends

NBC News wrote and published this blog post on the best student discounts, now this is a very good resource to be sharing with you even if this is not your favorite news channel to watch. For access to all Gizmos Self-Help Guides, you can read them in one place to save you time.

For the entire list with over 50 discounts for college students click here, I just could not take up so much of your time listing them all in this guide. Interested in seeing what else Gizmo has found for you, that is what is in my next paragraph. Anyone interested in health problem-solving guides, Gizmo has you covered.

microsoft office college students

College Student Free Apps

Apps are extremely popular today, and when it comes to college students these can be valuable assets to their education. We are going to learn now which ones you can download for free, this is one of my best to share to help students with their college experience to be a success.

  • My Study Life
  • Canvas Student
  • Study Smarter
  • School Planner
  • Student Beans College Deals
  • College Girl Dress Up
  • Easy Study
  • Language and Vocabulary
  • Student Shopping App
  • Navigate Student
  • Study Online Courses
  • Schedule App
  • Student Calendar
  • College Scholarships
  • Homework Power Planner
  • College Courses
  • Power School Mobile
  • Varsity Tudors
  • My Courses
  • College Application Wizard
  • University Student App
  • Study Tips
  • Going Merry Scholarships
  • School Planner for Students
  • Explore Free College Student Apps

Freebies are always a priority as I am writing my guides on all my websites, as I find them you will be aware of them in my articles no matter what topic I am writing about. A convenient way to know when I publish a new one and what it is about is with my auto-notifications, this will cost you nothing to sign up and receive in your email. Never anything but notifications of my most recent publication, so think it over if this is something right for you.

microsoft office college students

Gizmos Resources

Even with all that was shared above, that is not nearly enough. This paragraph will provide you with some of my favorites that are problem solvers, we all experience problems from time to time that we need help to solve. Thank you for reading Microsoft Office College Students, I am more than happy to provide you with this information today.

Let us meet again soon to learn together again, there are so many resources free and budget-friendly I would love to share with you. That concludes what I have for you for now but keep in touch to know more good sources that the internet provides you at no or little cost.

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