Free Online Christian Counseling

Free Online Christian Counseling is an awesome resource to know about, you never know when you could use some spiritual guidance. As always you will find self-help guides, even if you are not in need of this service at this time, this is a good read.

“I just want you to know that if you are out there and you are being really hard on yourself right now for something that has happened … it’s normal. That is what is going to happen to you in life. No one gets through unscathed. We are all going to have a few scratches on us. Please be kind to yourselves and stand up for yourself, please.”

— Taylor Swift

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Psalm 32:8 [The LORD says,] “I will instruct you. I will teach you the way that you should go. I will advise you as my eyes watch over you.

free online christian counseling
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Free Christian Counseling

When my health failed me, I had no support or no place to reach out for help. My family has abandoned me, I had no true friends once I was no use to them. For years, I struggled on my own. Eventually ended up in the hospital suicidal, and that was when free Christian counseling saved my life. Most churches are a good source for person to person, but for many online is what is preferred.

Another good resource is Pinterest Boards, you can find just about anything you are looking for. While you are there all my self-help articles are on my board, Jeff’s Favorite Pins contains nothing be help in a variety of topics. This is my payback for getting my life back on track, and now God is in my life every single day.

Free Online Therapy Chat

With today’s chatlines being so popular, you might be even more comfortable knowing about those that are free for online therapy. These might not be known by many of my readers, so I made it a point to include these for your convenience.

  • eTherapyPro is rated as the best overall choice to consider first, so I wanted you to know this to save you time and anxiety choosing between all the ones on this list.
  • 7 Cups
  • Free Online Therapy
  • BlahTherapy
  • Talk with Strangers

Like anything on the internet, you must be very careful. Some resources give you false impressions when actually you will receive a free trial. Just because these are Christian-based, they are still businesses so be very careful before you sign up with anything online. Don’t forget about Twitter as a good resource, all your social media are free to take advantage of.

Free Christian Tutorial

Christian Emotional Healing Biblical Self Counseling tutorial might be just what some of you need, this is a no-risk opportunity that will cost you absolutely nothing. Freebies are an important part of Gizmos Resources, that and along with self-help to improve your lives.

  • In This Course, You Will Learn How To Overcome Negative Emotional Values As A Christian
  • You, Will, Learn How To Be Emotionally Intelligent As A Christian
  • You, Will, Learn How To Apply The Biblical Principles That Govern Christian Emotional Health
  • Learn The Biblical Basis Of Counselling
  • General Knowledge Of The Bible Is Recommended
  • Access To A Bible Is Recommended
  • An Understanding Of Core Christian Teaching Will Help
  • We Recommend You Keep A Journal As You Go Through This Course
  • Learn More

This course is designed for Christians, if you are not a Christian this course is probably going to frustrate you because we are going to use terminology and a worldview you might not be familiar with, but if you are a Christian, then this course is really going to help you.

free online christian counseling
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The Benefits Of Christian Counseling

It does not matter what you are struggling with Christian counseling is a self-help tool, and with the resources in this article, you can use this at no cost to you. Christian counseling is the process in which a professional counselor uses the tools of the mental health profession, the truths of the Bible, and the wisdom of life experience to help those in need.

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic Pain
  • Emotional Pain
  • Marriage & Relationship
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Mental Health
  • Mind, Body, & Spirit
  • God’s Word is applied to all life situations
  • Professional counseling that explores God-pleasing choices
  • Learn to let go and forgive, as Christ has forgiven you
  • Acquired skills to make changes and live a more contented life
  • Improved relationships among family members
  • Learn how to deal with depression, anxiety, abuse, and other challenges of life

If I had not sought help from God, you would not be able to receive the self-help resources provided to you here. Because I simply would not be here, and for sure not be able to be writing these articles to help you. This has nothing to do with being religious, all this is to trust and have faith that God is taking care of you.

Letting God In Your Life

The first step is to start sharing your thoughts and feelings through prayer, you don’t need to do anything special except talk to him from your heart. This simple guide will give you a good start at changing your life, and you will be amazed how things will just work out for the best naturally.

  • Reprogram how you think and feel about yourself is a good first start
  • Open your heart up to God
  • Let go of your old ways of thinking
  • Learn from him from the bible, and attend a church if that feels right to you, I prefer to use online resources and Christian television.
  • Never fear opening up the door when God is knocking
  • Ralph W. Emerson said, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, know that we carry it within us or we find it not.”
  • God is already inside of all of us, so there is no game of hiding and seek involved, we must just acknowledge him and have faith.

Begin reading online bible verses or even listening to audiobooks, I have found both of these really were valuable resources for my journey. With the internet, you have everything you need to let God into your life. The most difficult step for most of us is taking that first step, no need to become religious Jesus was not guiding his followers in this way.

free online christian counseling
Start Learning Bible Related Topics for Free

Bible Resources

Bible Resources Organization is just one place to get started, this is a non-profit organization that keeps you in mind. Donations are permitted, but that is not the intention of this website. Now what you will have access to will convince you this be one of the best resources you have found, let us learn more.

  • Daily Bible Devotionals
  • Bible Questions & Answers
  • Praying the News
  • Is this Pandemic a Judgment from God?
  • Perfect Storm: 12 End Time Events Now in Motion
  • YouTube Teachings
  • Bible Resources in Spanish
  • Overcoming Life Digests
  • Bible Studies
  • Daily Bible Reading Plan
  • True Story Of The Bible—365 Short Readings
  • About Jesus Christ
  • Bibles True Stories
  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Prayer Room
  • Health & Personal
  • Christian Living
  • Social & Cultural

If you only choose one resource, you really should visit this website. They even provide a free sign-up to receive a notification when they post a new blog post, so how much easier does it get to begin letting God into your life?

Christian Self-Help Resources

When I got started learning about God and his word, I didn’t attend any churches in my area. That was not what for me at that time, so what I choose since I love to read is to research through self-help Christian books. Today you have so many to use by shopping online, so here are some examples of some I found for you.

  • Thoughts on Spirituality Non-Religious
  • Self-Help for Christian Women
  • Self-Help Christian Beliefs
  • Ask Believe & Receive
  • Talking with Your Kids About God
  • The Man God Has for You
  • Preparing for Marriage
  • A Bible Study Guide Workbook on Forgiveness
  • Christian Yoga
  • Making Sense of Your Confusing Marriage for Christian Women
  • How My Parents Nurtured My Faith
  • Chicken Soup for the Christian Teenager
  • Bedtime Thoughts for the Christian Mom
  • The Christian Gals Guide to Dating & Waiting
  • Take Your Life Back
  • Feel Free to Browse

The link above will earn Gizmos Resources a very small commission if you happen to purchase anything, you will find that being honest with you is extremely important to me. This is not about making money, but providing you with good resources that are going to help you and to keeps this website online.

free online christian counseling
Self Help Classes Start for Free

Self-Help Christian Podcasts

YouTube is another awesome resource, so how many of you think about this when seeking self-help? Often this is overlooked by many of us during difficult times, that is why I included these podcasts in this article for your benefit.

  • Self-Help vs the Bible
  • Why Christians Should Be Cautious About Self-Help Resources
  • The Rise & Fall of Rachel Hollis
  • Why Am I Here
  • Is Self-Care & Wellness Biblical
  • Rejecting the Gospel of Self-Improvement
  • Taking Care of Yourself
  • How to Completely Heal Your Body & Mind
  • Lust & Self-Control
  • Joe Rogan
  • The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast
  • Intrusive Thoughts & Overthinking

As you know YouTube is completely free for you to use, so this is just a reminder of how valuable this can be to helping yourself. Until I started freelance writing, I never gave thought to how this website could solve many of our personal and professional problems. What kind of resource site would this be without including YouTube, I would be letting all of you down.

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