Free Computer Certification Courses

Free Computer Certification Courses is my topic today, you can learn all about these by reading my self-help guide. Education is an important asset to take advantage of, so many people miss out on not knowing what is available. Improving your skills will in turn increase your income, now how many of us are not motivated by this?

Certification Course Benefits

  • Validation of knowledge.
  • Increased marketability.
  • Increased earning power.
  • Enhanced academic performance.
  • Improved reputation.
  • Enhanced credibility.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Respect from peers.

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through the link.

Since many certificates can be completed within less than a year, students can start and finish sooner than if they decided to pursue a degree. On the other hand, if time isn’t as pertinent, pursuing a degree can be a better long-term investment.

free computer  certification courses
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Best Beginner Computer Courses

Computer Science courses with certifications are in high demand, and by increasing your skills you are going to move up the ladder in your career. Many of us become overwhelmed once we see all the options available, now let us take a peek at what is considered the best ones to enroll in.

  • Python Basics
  • Learn to Program Basics
  • Computer Vision Basics
  • Google UX Design
  • Python for Everybody
  • Introduction to Programming with Python and Java
  • Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
  • Introduction to Computer Information Systems
  • Foundations of Computer Science
  • How Computers Work
  • Code Yourself-Introduction to Programming
  • Computer Hardware and Software
  • First Principles of Computer Vision
  • Introduction to Computer Programming with Visual Basic
  • Introduction to Intel
  • Computer Science Programming with a Purpose
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Computer Programming with C Language
  • IBM DevOps and Software Engineering
  • Fountains of User Experience UX Design
  • Java Programming and Software Engineering Fundamentals

Enroll and get started with any of the free computer courses with certificates, you will find these are rated as the best for beginners. Don’t run away quite yet, we are going to see next what is recommended for intermediate choices. If you know the basics, these are what you want to consider increasing your skills.

free computer certification courses
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Recommended Intermediate Courses

Many of you might already have the basic skills, but you need to increase your knowledge to move on in the company that you are working for. Possibly you are even thinking about a new career, no matter why these are the ones with the skills you require.

  • Object-Oriented Data Structure in C++
  • Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals
  • Computer Communications
  • Interactive Computer Graphics
  • Networks of Computer Network Security
  • Algorithms, Theory, and Machines
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • interaction Design
  • Microsoft Azure Data Scientist Associate-DP-100 Test Prep
  • Divide and Conquer-Sorting and Searching-Randomized Algorithms
  • Fundamentals of Network Communication
  • Fundamentals of Parallelism in Intel Architecture
  • Recognizing Shapes of Images with Open CV
  • Java Object Basics-Functions, Recursions, and Objects
  • Image Segmentation with Python and Unsupervised Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Developing Applications with Google Cloud
  • Algorithms
  • DevOps on AWS

Do you see anything you like, just knowing what is available and in demand can help you narrow down your choices? We often become overwhelmed when making such an important decision, so providing you with the best should help you choose the one right for you.

free computer certificate courses
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Advanced Computer Courses

Providing you these from your experience will overwhelm less of you, making this as easy and simple for you is my intention. Why confuse you with one long list when I can do it this way, we are now ready for those of you interested in the more advanced courses.

  • Self-Driving Cars
  • Date Science Foundations-Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Tracking Objects in Video with Particle Filters
  • Advanced Django-Mastering Django and Django Rest Framework
  • Introduction to Self-Driving Cars
  • Visual Perception for Self-Driving Cars
  • State Estimation and Localization for Self-Driving Cars
  • Motion Planning for Self-Driving Cars
  • Building Test Automation Frame Work Using Selenium and TestNG
  • Fundamentals of Software Architecture for Big Data
  • Dynamic Programming-Greedy Algorithms
  • I/O Efficient Algorithms
  • Trees and Graphs Basics
  • Advanced Django-Building a Blog
  • Advanced Algorithms and Complexity
  • Advance Django-Rest Framework
  • Robot Localization with Python and Particles Filters
  • Build a Full Website Using WordPress
  • Tables, Data, and Networking in iOS

Quite a list of possible options no matter your experience, I must inform you these are only a small taste of what you will find in each experience level. We have more to talk about in the remaining paragraphs, so please stick around so you don’t miss any opportunities.

free computer certificate courses
Algorithm Best Sellers


Since I notice Algorithms seem to be very in demand in the computer world, maybe focusing on courses entirely on this topic would benefit many of you. This really seems to be something that is going to be a great skill to have, we are going to just see what is available.

  • Design and Analysis
  • Design and Techniques
  • Design and Analysis Part 1
  • Design and Analysis Part 2
  • Algorithms
  • Data and Structure
  • Graph Algorithms in Genome Sequencing
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Architecture algorithms
  • Data Structures, Capstones
  • String Processing and Pattern Matching
  • Applied Quantum Computing 3
  • Mining Massive Datasets
  • Array Lists, Linked Lists, Stacks, and Ques
  • Binary Trees, Heaps, SkipLists, and hashmaps
  • Optimization-Principles and Algorithms-Network and Discrete Optimization
  • NP-Complete Problems
  • Convex Optimization
  • Dynamic Programming-Applications in Machine Learning, and Genomics
  • LAFF-On Programming for High Performance
  • CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science
  • Computational Thinking Using Python
  • Computer Science Essentials for Software Development
  • Computing in Python 4-Objects and Algorithms
  • Introduction to Java Programming
  • Autonomous Robots
  • Browse Algorithms Online Courses

A very nice variety of online courses related to Algorithms, by any chance, is this something you would love to learn? Being this is in such a demand and highly recommended, you could not make a better choice. One thing I suggest is how interested are you in this, many people start an education resource only to find they have no interest in the topic.

free computer certificate courses
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Basic Computer Courses

Possibly you are just like me, you can turn on your computer and do just what you need to do what you want to do. With that in mind, I thought of including some basic courses that might interest some of you, These are really good choices for seniors, but anyone who wishes they knew more about their computer would benefit from learning from them.

  • Computer Fundamental Masterclass
  • Basic Computer Skills-Skills to Help You Succeed
  • Free Computer Literacy
  • Learn Basic of Emerging Trends in Computer
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Getting Job Ready
  • Basic Coding in Javascript
  • Intro to Computers-How to Use Them, Websites, and Keep Them Safe
  • Python Programming for Beginners-Learn to Code in One Hour
  • Fundamentals of Computer Science-Theory and Practice
  • Your First Step in the World of Networking
  • Go From Basic Python to Creating a Virtual Assistant for Your Computer
  • Computer Programming Basics
  • Learn Computer Graphics
  • So You Want to Be a Network Engineer
  • Fundamentals of Computer Hacking
  • Computer Graphics
  • Introduction to C.H.I.P
  • Coding for Entrepreneurs
  • Javascript Essentials
  • Browse More Than 700 Free Courses

Education is an important resource for everyone, you have the ability to learn almost anything you desire. Not only for your career but even for your personal life as well, we all wish we knew how to do something that we don’t know. Maybe a new hobby, I used these to improve myself besides gaining the skills to design and write my self-help guides for you.

Free Computer Resources

The Coupon Project wrote this blog post, How to Get Free Laptops in 2022. We are going to use their information to share with all of you, who knows possibly you are eligible? Here are the resources that they recommend, so be sure to read this section.

  • Computers with Causes
  • The On It Foundation
  • PCs for People
  • Alliance for Technology Refurbishing and Reuse
  • Freecycle

The above resources are organizations that help people who are eligible get laptops, you will also find ways to receive discount laptops and even freebies from colleges. Visit The Coupon Project website to see how to apply, they provide you with information and links to all of their sources on their blog post.

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