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Gizmo is my business name, so my true name is Jeff. Experiencing autoimmune disease in my mid-thirties ended my career as a magazine photographer, I ended up receiving disability benefits from my health issues. Working my entire life since 10 years old this was a very dramatic experience for me, and my coping skills were taken away from me since physically I was unable to be as active as I once was.

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My story is similar to many people in my situation, I lost everything that I worked for my entire life. My wife abandoned me when the money ran out, so with three sons we struggled financially. Together we got through the rough times, but ever since I lost my health, I have been trying a variety of ways to earn an income online.

Like most people I lost more money than I ever earned, then one day something unexpected happened to me. Just like if God led me to this website I stumbled upon, I found the answer to my problems. Now after being scammed many times, I hesitated to take another risk. Something inside of me told me just one more time, so I joined Wealthy Affiliate University.

I am proof this is the real deal, but if you are searching for a quick get rich plan this is not for you. Wealthy Affiliate taught me everything from designing this website to marketing plus so much more, and even though I will be providing you access to this opportunity, this is not what the main priority of this website is.

Helping People

Gizmos Resources is a learning with Gizmo opportunity, you will be able to have access to online resources for a wide variety of interests. This is not just for those of you interested in starting an online business, but for anyone who has the interest to learn online.

Helping you gain access to information is my main priority, so if information is what you are searching for this website is a perfect fit for you? Money does not motivate me like some people, but what does is assisting people to achieve their dreams. If I can lead you to resources that are going to help you fulfill your goals and dreams, I will have served my purpose creating this website.

Gizmos Resources

My own dreams is to be one of the best resource websites on the internet one day, so by helping people gain the information they need and want is my main priority. What is the most difficult obstacle that prevents most of us from accomplishing our goals and dreams, and the answer is simply the right information?

By providing a variety of resources I have faith I can help others, and after years of struggling myself not knowing where to turn this will be my payback. People are what is the most important in all our lives, now you have a better idea what Gizmos Resources is all about.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out if I can.

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